I just wanted to announce that our very own Mary Kneeland has landed a job in Chicago!!  Congrats, we are so proud.  Please keep us updated.


Post Grad

So graduation is over…now I think everyone should have time to let us know what there are doing.  I just heard that Hayley got an internships doing something with Nascar.  Are we all shocked?  Where will everyone else be this summer?  I have an interview in Chicago on Monday…so if anyone knows anyone there…I will need friends!  Hope all is well everyone!

Hey Mary Kneeland,

Thanks for doing this.  I think this is such a great way to keep in touch with our fellow PR grads!


Congrats to Tyler!  He got an internship with Capitol Records in Nashville in case you didnt hear!


Hey guys…

This is how we are going to keep in touch after we graduate.  Contribute or I will hunt you down like the dogs that you are. (I bet you couldnt guess Robert is sitting next to me!) – Mary Kneeland

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