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Ok, so I know when you got an email or a Facebook message or a shameless plug from me or MK, most of you probably thought we were crazy for still blogging and totally geeky for setting up this site and expecting you to get in on it. Neither of those assumptions would be totally off base. But nerdy confessions aside, there are some great reasons why you should get back into blogging. And PR Grads is the perfect place to start.

  1. Because it could get you a job! This one should be reason enough for most of you. Whether you have one now or are still looking, getting a respectable, enjoyable PR job is no easy task. Participating in online communities and displaying your internet savvy and casual writing skills through blogging are a great way to set yourself apart. Just ask MK, who is working for Edelman (due largely to her mad social media skillz).
  2. Because it’s the perfect networking opportunity (and it’s more respectable than Facebook). Let’s face it. A huge part of what we do as PRs goes back to networking. The success of a campaign can hinge on the relationships you’ve cultivated. As cheesy as it sounds, we all have a sweet little War Eagle bond as AU PR grads. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to keep that going throughout our professional careers and have instant support for things that we do?!
  3. Because not only do you make the relationships you already have stronger through conversing regularly, you also form new relationships through blogging. And while these relationships may seem a little silly or sketchy (like the thought of online dating), they actually are real. I tested it out myself earlier this week when I went to NY for a job interview (that I got through my blog) and got to connect in real life with some of my blog and twitter friends. I had a blast.
  4. Because you stopped learning when you graduated (some of us did before we graduated), and it’s about time you started back up again.
  5. Because no one here will judge you for your lapses in AP style or a spelling oversight. But we will help you hone your arguments, generate new ideas you wouldn’t have thought of, and offer insight on how to deal with work problems or challenges…many heads are better than one.
  6. Because our business is changing by the second these days, and the only way to keep up with those changes is to be a part of them.
  7. Because conversation is the future (and the past) of PR, and you need to be having more of them.
  8. Because you secretly want to know where all of your former classmates are working, what kinds of projects they are doing, how much money they are making, and if there are better opportunities out there for you.
  9. Because you need a healthier addiction than smoking.
  10. Because Robert would be so proud (and the more attention AU PR gets; the better we look).

So there you go. At least 10 reasons why you should be blogging. I’m sure there are many many more out there, so to kick off my and MK’s little campaign to get everyone excited about this, add any reasons that you can think of as comments. Also, get brave and add your own post. Plus, if you decide to pick blogging back up on your old prblog (or on a fresh new one) add the link in the side bar, so we can all follow you. Happy blogging!


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